Boise Greenbelt & Wildlife August 7, 2012

Common Merganser. Boise Greenbelt, Jan 21, 2012
I have decided to make this page a sub-page of the main page to keep things more separated and uniform. The falcons will be posted on the main page whereas this page will be used for "other" types of wildlife. Some avian. Some mammal. It should make it easier to follow the different subjects. Enjoy! I do encourage your comments. All photos on this page are (C) Bob Young, except where noted. Keep Looking Up!
Posted: August 07, 2012

Yuk! Smoky! Look at that yucky air! There are fires somewhere close. Probably more to the west of us. Glad the Greenbelt did not look like this. Great time on the bike and watching the "surfers" at the kayak park. Enjoy the photos!

Surfing the wave.

Hang in there!


Getting in.

Look at that expression. Going under!

Trying to stay afloat.


Actually. Two Kestrels.

Posted: April 20, 2012

A good day riding the Greenbelt today. 14 miles worth! Nice and sunny and warm. Lot's of people out walking, jogging and biking. And the water seems to be somewhat higher today. It is flowing, at the Glenwood Bridge, at 6400 cfm. I know the canals are filling or already full.
And then there were these guys ... the animals. Some Spring cleaning and others wondering how to get to dry land. Take a look at these photos. The fallen tree to the left has some interesting textures to it and shape. Oh, and yes. The SLC peregrines now have 4 eggs and we only have 1 so far. Keep Looking Up!

This squirrel needs a boat!

He eventually made the leap. Well, mostly he made the leap. His tail got very wet!!

And follow the sequence of this Norther Flicker. Here he is looking around and checking his territory and "home".

In the nesting hole ............

and doing the Spring cleaning. Look at the pieces of wood flying. (Left-Click to see more.)

Posted: April 18, 2012

I can not ID this "duck"? Can you?
American Coot - Thank You Lorraine Poor!

American Coot

California Quail
If you are quiet and still, these little guys will come pretty close. See how well they blend into their environment?

I was able to get really close to this one before he flew off.


Lorraine Poor said...

The Black "Duck" with the white beak is an American Coot.

Bob and Robin said...

Thank you, Lorraine. Appreciate the help.